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It's Pie Time!

Mixed Berry Pie

It's summertime and that means it's time for pie! I love making pies and in the summer there are so many you can make in different styles with all of the fresh produce that is available through the summer months.

Making pie pastry was the first thing I learned to bake. My mom taught me the basics of what makes a pie crust flakey yet tender. "Touch the dough but don't touch the dough!" And, how to make the fillings sweet but not soggy. I was so excited when I joined 4-H and was able to make pie for the county fair!

What I use today for a pie crust recipe is actually the same recipe I used back when I was 9 years old. It's great to know that this one stands the test of time. Others have tried to get me to use different ratios for fat or add flavors or ingredients. But, whenever I tried something new, everyone asked "Why change something that works and is sooo good!"

Here's the pie crust recipe below as as well as the recipe for one of my favorite summer pies: mixed berry!


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