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Lemon Shake-Up

Lemon Shake-Up

In the late days of summer, I start seeing the news stories and pictures from the state fairs going on across the country. I don’t get cravings for BBQ pork sandwiches or the freshest grilled sweet corn. My sweet tooth kicks in, and I crave lemon shake-ups.

Where I grew up, there was a fair and rodeo in a nearby small town. A bit strange for IL, but it was something that signaled summer was coming to a close and school was just around the corner. There was a parade to kick off the weekend for the rodeo and then shows every night. The fair had booths for games and shopping and of course carnival rides. 

When we were older, my siblings and I would work at the lemon shake-up stand — raising money for local schools, churches, etc. It was not easy work in the heat and humidity of August in the midwest. You either had the job of measuring the ingredients or being the shaker to mix the drinks for customers. Either position left you covered with sugar syrup and lemon juice.  But, it was totally worth it to be able to drink one of the lemon shake-ups at the end of your shift!

Lemon Shake-Up Ingredients

So, when I get those cravings on a hot day in late August, I make one to refresh those memories. These are delicious but are pretty deadly with the amount of sugar in one. You can adjust the amount if you like sweeter or more tart flavors.

Here’s to those last days of summer!

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