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Salad Dressings

We had some friends over for dinner last weekend (actually, they brought all of the food. We just provided the space and a bit of wine...). As we were getting the final touches on everything, my friend asked me about salad dressings. She's been trying to make her own so that she can control the salt and adjust the flavorings to what they like. She asked me if I had a "go-to" recipe.

I, like her, have made the move away from store bought salad dressing. It wasn't necessarily for all the extra fat and preservatives contained in the bottles but more that I just couldn't find one that I really liked. When we went out to restaurants we would comment that we really liked the citrus or the punch of vinegar over most of anything we bought from the store.

So, I did some research and some experimenting with vinaigrettes. If you've seen some of my garden posts/photos, you probably notice that something I grow a lot of is lettuce. I love a great salad made with fresh from the garden red leaf, green leaf, arugula or spinach. What I wanted to find was a great vinaigrette to lightly dress these wonderful greens.

Below are a couple of my favorite dressing recipes. These are a great base for a vinaigrette that you can change up as you like.

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