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Spring Pea Soup

Spring Pea Soup

On my list of things to be included in my last meal would be peas.  I’m not sure where my love of peas came from, but they are my favorite vegetable.  Period.  Snap, Snow, English, Shoots, I love them all.

My mom grew peas in our garden growing up.  I remember early spring mornings picking peas but eating a good chunk straight from the pod.  I’m not sure how many peas made it to our plates!

I’ve tried growing peas in my garden.  For the most part, I have given up because spring weather in Chicago is difficult to plan for.  We can have winter until May and then in two weeks it is 90 degrees for a few days.  Peas are a cool temperature plant and don’t like those scorching temperatures.

So, I have to grab the spring peas when I can from the farmers markets. For those few weeks, I’m in heaven!

I have been in search of a pea soup recipe for some time.  Many I have or learned are cream soups or split pea soups where the peas are so over-cooked that the bright green flavor of spring peas are just lost.  

I finally found the one from Daniel Boulud that hits all the marks.  I do have to warn you. This soup is not for everyone.  The soup has an intense flavor that to me is like spring in a bowl but might be a little strong for those who just like peas.

But, if you enjoy peas and the springtime flavors they inspire, this soup is for you.

Note:  You can make this soup year round. Instead of using frozen peas, substitute with fresh peas.

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