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What a Boost!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we rode our bikes in the annual Bike the Drive event in Chicago. It's a wonderful event where bicyclists take over Lake Shore Drive. After riding for a few hours, I really need a pick me up that replenishes my energy but isn't going to weigh me down.


Smoothies are great for a quick and easy breakfast or for giving you a boost after a work out. There are many ways to make smoothies but it's really important to know not all smoothies are alike. Smoothies made with fruit and yogurt can seem healthy but there can be a lot of sugar and fat in them.

What I love to make are fairly simple smoothies made with a few fresh ingredients. I trade the yogurt and fruit juice for almond milk and frozen fruit. And, not all smoothies have to be green! My favorite is a PB&J smoothie that is just peanut butter and fruit. I've included a couple of my favorite smoothie recipes adapted from Vegetarian Times below. Feel free to try them out and play around with the flavors that are your favorite!

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