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What I Cooked This Week - Break Free from the Weekday Rut

Weekday meal planning can feel like you’re slogging through mud to put together. It’s natural to fall into a rut and to cook the same things every day. But the recipes are easy, and you know they work. And, you know how much time it takes to prepare and clean up. While this is “easier,” some nights you want something different and that’s when you reach for the phone and order out. 

I try to keep some simple recipes on hand to insert into my weekday meal plans to be able to change things up. Then, I pick a day and use three of those recipes. It’s a nice break from the standard fare, and I keep myself from ordering takeout. 🙂

Breakfast - Oatmeal Pancakes

Making pancakes during the week sounds great until you hit the sugar crash at work and need to take a nap to get through the day. I found these Oatmeal Pancakes to be hearty for a weekday breakfast but don’t have a lot of sugar and butter. And, they are vegan, too.

Lunch - Veggie Sandwich

Lunch and sandwiches go hand in hand. When you’re tired of your turkey sandwich routing, try this all-veggie sandwich. The homemade pickled veggies are a tangy addition and can be made days ahead. 

Dinner - Smashed Pea and Ricotta Linguine

As you may have seen from previous posts, peas are one of my favorite vegetables. I tried this recipe recently and have added it to my rotation. Making a creamy sauce using peas and ricotta cheese makes this a light pasta for a weeknight dinner. 

These dishes aren’t things I eat every week. Pulling the recipes out every once in a while can be a nice change-up to break free from the rut.

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