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Why Hire a Personal Chef?

The RedHead Chef

There is something exciting about the time we live in and our energetic focus on food. We want to explore different cuisines, to learn about different ingredients, to know where our food is coming from, to eat healthier meals, and to learn how to cook. Food services have increased over the years as people try to take advantage of all that is available. Apps like GrubHub and DoorDash make getting restaurant food in your home easier. Meal Delivery Kits make wanting to cook more but needing help with how to get started or how to do meal planning easier. Cooking shows and online recipes are readily available to provide ideas when cooking on your own.

While having all of this available is excellent, it can be hard to find the time to take advantage of what's available. Meal Delivery Kits are great time savers on meal planning and shopping, but you still have to do the preparation, the cooking, and the cleanup. When we get overwhelmed with work/life, we reach for the phone and order something that will arrive in less than 30 mins. In the end, it's super easy to stick to routines and not slow down to take the time to enjoy mealtime. This is where a Personal Chef can help.

I often hear people say that Personal Chefs are for people who can afford to have someone cook for them. While it is true that hiring a Personal Chef is an additional cost, think about how much you spend ordering/eating out: higher prices for prepared dishes, delivery costs, tips, huge portions of food you end up over-eating or throwing away. Or, in Meal Delivery Kits: higher prices for delivering the kit, getting meals that have foods you don't really like and not making or throwing away. And, if you're not thinking about your diet, you may be spending money on doctor visits, medications, gyms, etc. A Personal Chef can shop locally, take advantage of what's available seasonally, work with you to create a personalized menu, and create meals that are just the right portion and balance for your health goals.

Additionally and maybe more importantly, Personal Chefs solve the problem of your valuable time. Personal Chefs take on the time you would typically spend planning, shopping, and in the kitchen (both in preparation and clean up). You are left with home cooked meals that you actually want to eat in your refrigerator, ready to be reheated. When you consider both of these factors, Personal Chef services are not necessarily a considerable additional cost.

Another question I hear about hiring a Personal Chef: I often have the time to plan/cook, so why would I need a Personal Chef? Everyone is stressed for time. Work stresses might be project schedules or working in an industry where there are regular deadlines every month/quarter/year. Could be that you are traveling a lot. Family stresses like busy schedules can make finding time to prepare and eat a meal together or not while driving in the car can be a challenge!

A Personal Chef can be something that you use when you need it. You can establish that relationship with the chef, so you get meals personalized for you and use the services when life gets in the way of keeping your goals in line. Going on vacation? Hire a chef to have meals ready when you get home to help you get back on schedule. In school? Hire a chef to put fresh meals in your fridge during finals. Just had a baby? Hire a chef to help everyone through the first few months. Travel for work? Hire a chef to help you balance eating on the road with home-cooked meals at home.

There are lots of other reasons why a Personal Chef can be a great help: you don't like to cook, you need help with portion control, you want to have friends over for dinner but don't know where to start, you have a special day that you would like to celebrate in your home instead of a restaurant.

The easiest way to figure out if a Personal Chef like The RedHead Chef can help you is to start the conversation. Feel free to reach out to me we can chat about what you have going on and how I can help save you time, help you eat healthy home-cooked meals, or help you celebrate a special day!

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