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Green Pasta Primavera

Green Pasta Primavera

I’m not sure if you are like me, but I often crave pasta but struggle with making something that isn’t too much pasta.  Cooking a vegetarian pasta dish is a no-brainer.  Putting together a quick vegetable and pasta is an easy weeknight dinner.

A recipe that reminds me of spring is pasta primavera.  Partly because spring is in the name of the recipe and partly because the dish typically has all of the best spring vegetables.

Did you know that this dish was invented in 1975?  And, in New York? The NY Timeswas the first to report on this dish served at Le Cirque (although two chefs claimed the invention).  The dish is a mix of French and Italian and goes in and out of style frequently.  But, the idea of a seasonal vegetable pasta is something that I think is an easy staple for any cook.

While I enjoy this dish, I don’t always like a cream-based sauce on my pasta.  If I want to enjoy a lighter version that doesn’t use butter or cream, I pull out this recipe for Green Pasta Primavera.  The pine nuts make a creamy sauce that highlights the garlic and lemon against the strong green flavors of the vegetables.  Feel free to substitute any vegetables you like for the ones I use.

Also, if you want to continue to make a “healthier” version, substitute whole wheat pasta for the farfalle.


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